Sinshi Music
SINCHI is a collective of musicians, producers, artists and writers searching for those all too brief moments of truth through their chosen medium.

In their own words ; ‘ Psychonauts musically stimulated from hallucinogenic and sometime spiritual adventures of the heart. We are inspired by the interface of man and machine and the manipulation of the human condition via the symbiotic partnering of digital circuits and algorithms’.

Following their break through release ‘Exhale’ on Amsterdam’s Night noise label in 2015 with the Gemini Brothers and FLVN, the collective has quickly grown a large following for its unique, ethereal and constantly evolving sound. This year they have a multiple releases lined up, featuring remixes from acclaimed artists such as Moscoman, Heretic and Oli Warriner.

The late summer of 2016 will also see the launch of their own club experience ‘Altered States’ in Amsterdam and a groundbreaking music compilation working with live recordings of aboriginal music from Australia.