Mark Cooper is the real deal when it comes to the history of house. Electronica is part of Mark’s very  being and his DJ sets showcase a deep knowledge & love of the scene – from early acid house through to today’s fresh releases for Night Noise.

Mark is part of a legendary collective of DJs having formed ‘Bedford Falls Players’ with Terry Farley and Justin Drake. As Resident DJ & Founder of ‘Solid Gold’, he’s also headlined many nights with Trevor Fung, Brandon Block, X-Press2’s Rocky, Justin Roberston, Danny Rampling and Nancy Noise – taking the dancefloor on an anarchic journey through time and space.

Mark & his Bedford Falls Players have enjoyed previous releases with stellar labels such as Endemic Digital and Mood Music. They have now found a new home with us at Night Noise and we’re delighted to have released their latest EP ‘Fallen Off The Sample’ in October 2015.