Flavian Gaubert AKA ‘FLVN’ is a French DJ and producer who has found a home for his talents here at Night Noise. With 2 remixes for Sinchi Music and Bedford Falls Players already under his belt, FLVN’s first original works will be released on Night Noise later this year.

FLVN’s musical influences started as a young boy listening to his family’s collection of Bowie, Supertramp and Radiohead. It wasn’t long before he was DJing and immediately fell in love with clubbing culture. Production was the next logical progression and you can hear early influences in his work with heavy basslines courtesy of Soviet Soviet and Sonic Youth’s obscure riffs.

FLVN’s original productions, remixes and DJ sets are now heavily influenced by the darker industrial side of disco, psychedelic electronica and techno – but as we’ve discovered, it’s not all black & white with this experimental artist.